Personal musical archive



[sorry for my bad endglandski]

Was born, lived, live.

Interest in music came quite late; especially, I was "hooked" by masterpieces of piano music from the great masters.

I began to be engaged in composition still later, and these "occupations" have no regular character - I write when there is desire to write.

I repeatedly made attempts to write in other genres (e.g. in style of jazz, a modernist style, impressionism and so forth), however after similar "experiences" for myself I have understood that any of these styles in itself doesn't suit me - most of all I am pleasant to write that is called "without regard to styles", mixing this or that direction, keeping at the same time the general direction - "in style of classical music".

At the moment I write only for a piano, in the future I plan to pass to various chamber and orchestral genres.

The corresponding audio recording with execution of this play "is put" to notes of each of plays.

Important point: music is executed by me, and i do it not in the best way, clumsily, especially considering not the best piano for record and also my natural laziness. Thus, audio recording only in general terms shows the nature of the work; and parameters such as tempo, rhythm, pedal (!) and nuances of the performance, etc., etc. - the choice of the artist. So, just in case.

All notes are freely available for download, they are free.